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                                to my Arduino page.  On this page I am chronicling the progress with my Arduino board.  The board is live and on the Internet.  You can access it easily.  See the link below.

The Arduino board was designed to be a very low cost controller board easily accessible to both engineer and artist as the documentation states.  It is easy to use and has a lot of capabilities.  

so I took it down for a few days and made the changes.  Also over the last few months, I have added a number of new features to the hardware and software.  I linked the Arduino to my home X10 automation via an RF controller.  This gives me the ability to control 2 X10 addresses.  Additionally, I added the ability to remotely actuate my outdoor lighting as well.  For this I use a MOSFET transistor to connect the battery to the out door lights.  In addition to the remote actuation, I added functionality to the solar logging to monitor the solar output and state of the batter to turn on the lights at dark and then turn off the lights when the charge on the battery drops too low.  Next posting I’ll update the network schematic and post it.

January 15, 2012
The server software has been updated.  The major change is data logging of the last 12 hours.  By appending ‘?test’ to the url, the server will respond with the data in tabular form.  My hardware site.  In addition I am now posting my Arduino script for download.  It is published as is with no guarantees or warranties.  My server code.

November 14, 2011
The server software running on the Arduino board referenced in the link above has been updated.  It now provides information on 3 different solar panels and 2 storage batteries and the core supply to the Arduino board itself.  Currently the two main solar panels are offline but I hope to get them back on line within the next week.  I will also

April 28, 2012

I just made some major updates to the server software.  In addition to general clean up, I streamlined the code a little bit.  For the most part the server was up 100% of the from mid-January until mid-April.  It began having unknown issues