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Below is a list of active manuscripts.

I’ve been experimenting with a GTI similar to the one shown.  While the concept is good, I’ve had bad luck with my unit.  In the process, finding service information has been impossible and vendors do not cooperate.  Therefore I’ve been forced to debug by hand and learn how these units work.  This manuscript will outline my findings and give guidance on how to debug these units.

Grid-Tie Inverters

There are many types of solar chargers and inverters.  Many are brute force devices that sacrifice efficiency for simplicity.  One interesting type, MPPT, works with the unique IV characteristics of solar panels to maximize conversion efficiency.  This manuscript will explain what MPPT is and how solar installations can benefit from their use.


                             to my solar page.  I have several experiments ongoing and am writing several articles on solar arrays and usage.  Check back towards the spring of 2012 for updates.    Please feel free to comment.